We offer at your disposal  the full range of transportation services including the arrangement of cargo shipping by the following modes:

  • By sea;
  • By road;
  • By railway;
  • By plane;
  • Delivery of the over sized cargo;
  • Multi modal transport;

Flexible logistics schemes, lower transport costs and faster delivery attract most of the business world to the use of multi modal supply chains. However, a multi modal transport does not only cover the use of multiple modes of transport: road, sea, railway and air.

It includes the entire transport infrastructure: terminals, consolidation warehouses, ports, airports, etc. A multi modal transportation implies the highest level of interaction for its implementation.

The global experience has shown that it can only be achieved by operator - forwarder involvement and based on the high level of reliability and trust in business relations between all the participants of the logistic chain, including shipping lines, agents, survey companies, warehouse and terminal operators, port authorities and others.