DTD Logistics Group OÜ is a dynamic company that provides services in the field of logistics and freight forwarding. We handle all modes of transportation, providing a full range of relevant services.

Professional attitude, our more than 10 years experienced employees, of experience in the field, as well as deep industry knowledge allows us to offer our customers the efficient solutions.

In our everyday work we are guided by the principles of highest responsibility and professionalism, as well as of integrated approach to the challenges.

Our team is focused on customer satisfaction, high quality of services and careful organisation of the whole process.

We offer each customer the most comfortable conditions for cooperation, guarantee careful handling of the load and provide up-to-date information duringallshipping stages.

That is our job, which we are used to do in the most perfect way during our long-term practice.

We are ready to provide you:

  • Preliminary analysis of the foreign trade transaction documents;
  • Advice and guidance on the compilation of foreign trade contracts;
  • Classification of goods in accordance with the Russian Federation's foreign economic activity Commodity nomenclature;
  • Assistance in customs duties estimation;
  • The determination of the list and the collection of documents required for customs clearance;
  • Assistance in the obtaining of permits;Customs declaration completion and submission to the customs authorities;
  • Full control of customs procedures fulfillment;
  • International transportation by sea, air, road and railway transport for all types of cargo, including hazardous and over sized goods;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Freight customs clearance of contracts goods on either your or our company;
  • Obtaining for certificates of clearance - mandatory  or voluntary certification;
  • Consulting services – consultation on certification, customs clearance documents fulfillment, certification of goods allowed for transportation and VAT refunds;

It is our pleasure to be of help to our customer, hope to see you among our loyal customers soon.


In addition to providing services directly related to logistics, we are also the exclusive representative and supplier of sports simulators AMMITY (www.ammity.ru), CLEAR FIT (www.clear-fit.ru).


Always at your service ,

DTD Logistics Group Ltd.