Freight forwarding and logistics company «DTD Logistics Group», whose core activity is the transport logistics and foreign trade consulting, is seeking for professionals of this field.

For any successful company, the most valuable assets are real people –the employees of the company. They set in motion the working mechanism, create, develop and broadcast the company's brand, fight for each customer in the growing competition.

Only a friendly team of real professionals can meet this challenge.

Team where everyone has the appropriate qualifications and works with pleasure and passion.

Working with DTD Logistics is an opportunity to make your life brighter, more exciting and more stable.

If you are a result-oriented person, wanting to realize your talents and ideas as well as accelerate your career, then... Join us!

If you would like to work for DTD Logistics company, but there are no vacancies at the moment, just send us your CV to . We will consider your application and possibly open a new position justfor you.


Always at your service ,

DTD Logistics Group Ltd.